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  • Everywhere
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    Norwegian landscapes
  • Somewhere
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    This Collection of galleries is the result of my travels throughout the world, trying to capture the essence of the land, as I see them. I am often asked what my favourite location to photograph is. I have no answer to that. Every location has it's own character and charm. Some locations give themself away after a short time, while other places takes many years to get under the skin of.
  • Elsewhere
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    My Elsewhere Collection of galleries contains images in black and white. There is a certain nostalgia in monochrome for me. It brings back fond memories from when I, as a kid, started out with photography in the eighties and did my own developing and printing in the darkroom. I will surely work more with monochrome in the future...
  • Anywhere
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    The great Ansel Adams referred to his more abstract work as "extracts". I believe this is a perfect description of what small pieces of nature can represent. These images are not about locations, but showcase the fantastic patterns, colors and structure that only mother earth can create. My Extracts Collections of galleries is an ever-lasting work in progress. I love to seek out the details in nature and extract natural but almost abstract compositions in both the small details and the larger views.